what is my ip location

god damn it. okay, harms way


I can do that one lol

do i like them: yes
have i ever seen them live: no
favorite band member: I don’t follow them like that to have a favorite member ya feel 
favorite album: reality approaches
favorite song: watch them hang
favorite music video: I think I’ve seen one music video from them 
favorite lyrics: “every second that I’m alive, the more I hate the world around me”

i haven’t listened to them in a hot minute 

fall out boy


oh god

do i like them: nah not really 
have i ever seen them live: 5 times too many 
favorite band member: p stumpy
favorite album: take this to your grave
favorite song: the (after) life of the party
favorite music video: what a catch, donnie
favorite lyrics: “crowds are won & lost & won again, but our hearts beat for the diehards”

thx cutie :-)

send me a band and i'll do ...

do i like them:
have i ever seen them live:
favorite band member:
favorite album:
favorite song:
favorite music video:
favorite lyrics:

Cigarettes and Old Perfume- Have Mercy